Protech Environmental

We are committed to caring for our environment and at both Protech and OnePlastics Group we are pursuing a vision of offering our customers a total life cycle for their products.

With recycled materials, energy efficient machinery and efficient transport use we are working together to reduce our carbon footprint. Wherever possible, Protech and OnePlastics Group seeks to recycle end-of-life products and reuse the material in the production of new products. Our vision is that through our sister companies in the waste collection and waste management side of OnePlastics Group, these products can be retrieved, reprocessed and repelletised, and fed back into the value stream as viable useful materials. With the OnePlastics Group we capture the vast majority of all WEEE recycling in Ireland and United Kingdom, recovering high grade, high performance plastics which can be recycled and reused.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission statement around all this is: "Develop and acquire companies to expand the product offering and to utilise recycling opportunities to replace virgin raw material input with recycled plastic. Recognise and adapt to the emerging emphasis on recycling end-of-life plastic products, which aligns with the OnePlastics Group’s skill set in waste management and various recycling technologies. The rationale behind this strategy recognises that plastic is cheap, light, adaptable, and recyclable, and the material of choice for many everyday needs.

Our Environmental Products

We are always looking for products suitable for utilising recycled material, all waste during our manufacturing process is recycled and reprocessed for use in suitable products. We even recover some parts from our customers, through our sister companies in the OnePlastics Group, and take plastic out of the waste stream. If you have any products you think would be suitable for reprocessed materials, please contact us to discuss your requirements. As well as receiving greatly reduced prices over Virgin Materials, you will be helping the environment.

Protech Performance Plastics - Environmental

Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability is one of our core values, not only with our approach to how we develop our products, but also within the community in which we function.

By monitoring the way we maximise our logistics and minimise unnecessary packaging and energy, our Tamworth site boasts a zero to landfill policy. This is testament to our commitment to sustainability and that none of our waste goes to landfill and all our packaging is reusable. We operate a closed loop system with our partners and supply recycled rigid plastic containers to all markets where requested. Protech Plastics are proud to be an active member of the FERFA organisation and to participate in their waste reduction programme.

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