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Protech Performance Plastics is an evolutionary business - adapting to changes in technology and process in order to best serve our customers. Over the years we have made sure that we formed strategic partnerships with complementary service providers in order to remain ahead of our competitors and at the forefront of industry related development and change.

Services & Products - Product Design and Prototyping

Product Design & Prototyping

Product design is an integral part of our service offering and allows customers (when required) to brief us on their particular issue or the problem they are looking to solve and allow us to develop the solution. It's not only about designing a product that is fit for purpose but ensuring it has been designed in a way that can be effeciently and economically manufactured and processed.

Tool Design

Protech Performance Plastics specify and design tooling on a daily basis. The majority of our tooling is crafted from our state-of-the-art 40,000m2 facility in the Shenzhen region of China - where we specialise in the precision tooling of medium to large size tools. Our 30+ strong team of designers and engineers have a track record of delivering the highest standards of tooling irrespective of the complexity required. 

Services & Products - Full Project Management

Full Project Management

At Protech Performance Plastics, our dedicated team will fully manage your project from design right through to delivery. Each of our clients are given a bespoke service from one of our designated and experienced Project Managers either in the UK, USA or the Far East, depending on your location.

Services & Products - DFM


We believe that the key to our success is our continuous pursuit of perfection in all of our products. Each finished product, whether a plastic container or tooling design, is expected to meet our high standards. Specific testing of a parts manufacturability is ongoing throughout each stage of the process. All aspects are continually tested and updated, including strength, maximum displacement, and critical tolerances.



Mouldflow is a development process that enables us to simulate the flow of material through any tooling. This process allows us to make any modifications to the tooling design and identify key opportunities for product and manufacturing enhancement.

Services & Products - Our Customer Support

Our Customer Support

Our ambition is to deliver the highest customer service level possible. That means we're willing to do anything to deliver on our promises. At our Shanghai office, our team of engineers works closely with carefully-selected suppliers to manufacture products for our customers which are too expensive to manufacture locally. By utilising our Supply Chain, you will also benefit from very keen rates of transport.

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Services & Products - Our Process

Our Process

Protech Performance Plastics works across three locations globally to ensure that we offer a unique and effective manufacturing process, which is designed to assist our customers design and create their products, whilst making sure that producst are delivered at the lowest possible cost.

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